HARP, 19th century

HARP of Princess Royal Victoria of the United Kingdom, Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia.

by Richard Blazdell, harp maker and teacher to Queen Victoria.

London 1843.

Alexander Richard Blazdell, a harp maker of German origin based in London, was the supplier to the Belgian royal family and the harp teacher to Queen Victoria.

This harp was specially made for Princess Royal Victoria Adelaide of the United Kingdom, preparing her to play with her mother. Eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, she became Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia by marriage to German Emperor Frederik III.

Signed: “Blazdell Patent Harp Maker, No.34 Charlotte Street Fitzroy Square London No 4056′, with a gold plaque, ‘V (Crown) R’ presented by the maker to HRH The Princess Royal by kind permission of her mother well-loved, HM the Queen. Victoria November 21. / 1843 for his third birthday. “

The harp has a golden neo-Gothic decoration on a cream background (bird’s-eye maple). Irish shamrocks, Scottish thistles and English roses adorn the console table. The capital is topped with a crown. Two dolphin feet adorn the front of the harp, and two claw feet adorn the back.

The soundboard is decorated with palmettes, and foliage scrolls with characters painted in gold representing the different ages of life (child, young adult, adult).

The instrument is preserved in its original mahogany case covered in crimson velvet. With its ivory satin cover, embroidered with silver thread, Irish shamrocks, Scottish thistles and English roses forming a crown around the letters V (Victoria) and R Regina).

NB: The instrument is in working order. We observe traces of wear on the satin cover, some traces of old and minimal restorations on the box, the feet of the harp and some decorative gilded stucco fillets.

Harp with 24 strings with forks and simple movement, operated by seven ivory pedals.

Height: 95.5cm.