Adolphe Sax in Paris.

Brass trumpet engraved on the bell: “Adolphe Sax, patented in Paris / 813 / Supplier to the Military Household of the Emperor”.

Serial number 813 is one of the smallest recorded to date.

The flame is a ceremonial model of the Imperial Guard Train Squadron.

Obverse: embroidered with the imperial eagle surmounted by the radiant “N” on a gray-green background and with a banner on a scarlet background: “Train Squadron”.

Reverse: embroidered on a scarlet background with the crowned eagle surmounted by the radiant “N”. On faded background banner: “Imperial Guard”.

Daffodil yellow fringed braid.

The flame, in an exceptional state of conservation, comes from replacement equipment preserved to be available if needed. It was probably not (or little) used at the time.

The unsilvered brass parade trumpets correspond to the first regiment of cuirassiers, the horse artillery, the train and the guides. They were handed over on November 21, 1855.

Length without mouthpiece: 83.3cm.

Thanks to Jean-Claude Dey for the description of the flame