Chretien in Paris, 18th century.

Large brass hunting horn, with garland engraved with hunting scenes. Maker’s signature: “Made by Chretien / Paris / 1737” with fleurs-de-lys.

“Le Sieur Crestien” considered the best maker of horns and drums in “Le livre commode” by Abraham du Pradel (Paris 1692) descends from a Norman family of “boilermakers – horn makers” settled in Vernon then in Paris, rue de la Ferronnerie, from the end of the 17th century.

The so-called “Dauphine” horn was named in 1729 by one of its first makers, Lebrun, in homage to the birth of Louis XV’s son. The king, passionate about hunting, asked the Marquis de Dampierre to take command of a new crew dedicated to deer hunting: the crew of the Chiens Verts which began in 1738.

A series of horns was ordered from the Sieur Chretien, “ordinary of the King’s music”.

We have listed three identical models from this maker dated 1737