GUITAR by Sébastien Renault in Paris

18th century.

Sébastien Renault (Paris, 1750-1829) was received as master luthier on June 27, 1777, the same day as his colleague François Chatelain. The two luthiers each had a personal workshop and then they joined forces around 1785.

The guitar presented here, signed by Sébastien Renault alone, probably dates from the period between 1777 and the mid-1780s.

It has the characteristics of Baroque guitars with five choirs and presents an ivory rosette, sculpted in bas-relief of a rural scene, already announcing the decor of the pre-Romantic instruments.

The body is made of red-brown varnished curly maple; the table is made of spruce edged with ebony and mother-of-pearl marquetry framed with ivory fillets. The handle and head are veneered with ebony, and it is fitted with ten ebony pegs.

Length: 94.2cm Width: 20.3 – 26.5cm. Body height: 9.5 – 9.9 cm