Model of eight feet ringing, attributed to COLOMEO of NAPLES and built in the pure Neapolitan tradition.

Sideboard in green lacquered poplar, whose base contains the blower system, while the upper part (Alzata) encloses the windchest, the pipes, the keyboard and the transmissions.

The frame of the pipes is made up of a floral gilded decoration, with cornice, pilaster strips and fluted pillars.

The composition of the games is as follows:

– Main 8 feet.

– Octave 4 feet.

– Quintadecima 2 feet.

– Decima Nova 1 foot 1/3.

The whole is in its original harmonic state with an accessory “Tira Ripieno”. (coupling of games)

The wooden pipes are made of chestnut for the first notes of the main stop and the octave.

The bedstead has been restored.

The wind tunnel currently consists of a wedge-shaped bellows with a fan.

The keyboard is made up of bone-clad steps and has a short first octave.

A: 440hz.

The signatures of the different harmonizers are inscribed on the front of the keyboard as well as the date of the interventions.

The analysis and minimal restoration of the instrument were entrusted to Barthélémy Formentelli in Verona.

NB: This type of Italian organ has retained most of its design and aesthetics since the 17th century, which makes the instruments difficult to date when they are not signed. When in doubt, and considering certain construction details, we have dated this one “around 1800”, considering that at around fifty years it seemed presumptuous to be peremptory.

Width: 104cm.

Depth: 68.5cm.

Height: 239cm.

Provenance: Raymond Touyère Collection, Geneva.

This instrument was in the Saint François de Sales church in Geneva.