from CALDERA in TURIN; Nineteenth century.

Luigi Caldera, (Cuneo (Piedmont) c.1835 – Turin 1905) is an Italian engineer specializing in acoustics. We owe him several inventions mainly in the field of keyboard instruments.

With the “Mélopiano”, he invented a system of repeating notes of astonishing speed, the possibilities of which he developed with his “Armonipiano”.

As for the Calderarpa, it uses part of its mechanism to adapt it to the harp. The low notes are played by hammers and the high notes by felt-covered wooden “fingers” operating the strings diagonally, in a position comparable to that of a performer on a classical harp.

Only a few copies of Luigi Caldera’s keyboard harp were made in collaboration with the Bologna piano maker Giovanni Racca.

A model is in the museum of Nice, another in the Metropolitan Museum of New York…

Signature along the console: “Patent – CALDERARPA – Patent – Torino”.

Green lacquered cabinet decorated with gold leaf with floral motifs.

Two effect pedals.

Keyboard composed of 43 steps veneered with ivory and 30 feints in ebony. (Fa-fa)

Height: 176.8cm.

Width: 120.5cm