SURREALIST VIOLIN  by Jacques GRANDCHAMP. Twentieth century

This musical sculpture uses the materials used in the manufacture of the violin, namely maple and spruce.

The body of the instrument, hollowed out of a block of maple, represents a female foot shod in a lizard-covered pump.

The fingerboard takes up the proportions of the violin and ends with a classically shaped volute.

The heeled shoe, from the ankle boot to the pump, presenting the arch of the foot as the expression of erotic desire has remained, since Restif de la Bretonne at least, (“Le pied de Fanchette”, 1763) to Bruce Gray, without forget Sacher-Masoch and of course the Surrealists, one of the most emblematic subjects of sensuality.

Jacques Grandchamp, born in Gevrey-Chambertin in 1950, lives and works in Toulouse.

Winner of the Fondation de la Vocation in 1976, he is present in several museums and private collections.

This surreal violin was exhibited at the Museum of Cremona in 2013.

Height: 42cm.