Object of virtue or ex-voto gratulatory made in Normandy from 1883 to 1884.

Thanksgiving or a masterpiece of craftsmanship, this violin is made from a single piece of wood (pitch pin) and has no gluing. The instrument was hollowed out of a block of softwood using tools specially designed for this work. Probably clog-makers’ tools of rare delicacy since their only access route was determined by the size of the ff.

The object of virtue has the meaning of object of virtuosity. Very fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries, it characterized the perfection of know-how, great ingenuity and exceptional patience. Often linked to a certain mysticism and thanksgiving, in gratitude for an uplifted prayer, it represented an offering whose primarily moral value corresponded to the difficulty of the work and the time spent to achieve it.

Dated in drypoint on the back of the handle: 1883.

Handwritten label on the bottom: “1883-84 / One-piece violin / A…(?) fils / Sainte Marguerite de l’Autel, Eure”.

Length: 60.4cm. Body length: 36cm