Pierre René PARINAUD known as LACOTE: (Bellac 1785- Paris 1871)

Lemonwood back and sides.

Inner lining of the spruce back, according to the practice of the time.

Spruce soundboard with ebony and ivory binding.

Maple necks. Ebony veneered head and fingerboard.

Lacote mechanical pegs with ivory heads.

Total length: 88.4cm.

Vibrating length: 59.1cm

Maximum width: 27.8cm

Side thickness: from 7.4 to 8.1cm.

Original case.

Fruit of the collaboration with Napoléon Coste (1806 – 1883), one of the greatest virtuosos of the time, presenting himself as the inventor of the instrument, the heptachord is a seven-string guitar whose more serious, located “outside the handle” is played empty. It is tuned in D, C or E flat. depending on the key of the musical work. (according to the note from the Musée de la Philharmonie, Paris)