CLOWN Fiddle

Kit violin designed and played by Wladyslaw SEGLA (1902-2007)

Handwritten inside label: W. Ségla / Paris 1938.

Cherry, mahogany, fir.

W: 59.5cm

Body width: 4.9 – 5.4cm.

Painter of Polish origin, he was first a cabinetmaker and a musician in his country.

At twenty he emigrated to France and worked in the mines of the North, then joined Paris and integrated into the midst of the painters of Montparnasse. To live he works as a clown violinist at the Médrano circus where his wife Jacqueline accompanies him on the piano.

He kept his Paris studio and opened a gallery in Honfleur 6 rue des Lingots where he lived until his death at the age of 105. Considered a “painter of light”, he represents what he perceives from seascapes, faces and circus scenes