Galoubet unfairly called flageolet here by the Queen of France, Marie-Amélie de Bourbon-Sicile, wife of King Louis-Philippe 1st.

The instrument was played by the heir to the throne Ferdinand-Philippe, 1810-1842, and offered as a souvenir by the queen to her maid.

Ferdinand-Philippe died at the age of 32 in a cariage accident in Neuilly, his horses having run away. His equestrian statue, the work of the Italian sculptor Carlo Marochetti, is located Place du Duc d’Orléans in the same city.

Prince of the blood, Duke of Chartres, he will become Prince Royal and Duke of Orléans.

In 1837, he married Hélène von Mecklenburg-Schwerin, who under the title of Duchess of Orléans would provide constant financial assistance to the musicians of her time…

18th century Parisian making, in the style of Thomas Lot.