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HARPE-LUTE by Angelo Benedetto VENTURA in LONDON (1781-1856)   Signed along the fingerboard: "Angelo Venturas Imperial Harp Lute / N°36 Queen Street  Brianstone Square"   Made under different types and different trade names, the harp-lute is a kind of...

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German guitar by Carl RUCKMICH in FREIBURG   Labelled: "Carl Ruckmich / Grosshersog Bad. Hoflieferant // Musikhaus / Freibourg i B." Stamped on the head: "Musikhaus Ruckmich / Freiburg ; B."   Back and ribs of maple. Spruce table with herringbone filets....

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PARIS - 17th - 18th c. The back of nine ebony ribs edged with ivory filets comes from a 17th century lute. The spruce soundboard is decorated with a parchment rose. The neck and the pegbox black varnished. 11 played strings: 3 bass and 4 choirs. 5 bass extra strings....

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UKRAINE, 19th. c. Back composed with 7 curly maple ribs with ebony filets. Spruce table, with ebony filets decorated. Neck and pegbox made of one piece of maple. Ebony fingerboard with concave frets. 8 played strings. 8 bass. Length: 90,9cm. Maxi width: 28,4cm.  ...

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Attributed to Honoré DERAZEY, 1794 - 1883. The back of curly maple is edged with a double filet and carved with floral motives on the top and the four corners. The bottom, venneered with ivory, mother of pearl and different woods, shows an appearance of Jerusalem,...

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Nicolas HARMAND à Mirecourt, 18th. c. Initial of the maker under the bottom of the neck. Back in two parts of curly maple. Spruce table, honey varnished. Total length: 60cm. Sounding length: 32cm. Width of the back from the top to the bottom: 16,2cm / 11cm / 21,1cm....

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