Joseph PAJOT in JENZAT, 1895.

Stamp of the maker: “PAJOT JEUNE” behind the keyboard.

Label inside dated 1895.

Lute body of nine maple and walnut alternate ribs.

Fir table décorated with the traditionnal red patterns typical of the Jenzat makers, and edged with a bone and ebony marquetry.

Lids of the weel and the keyboard inlaid with coloured wood and mother of pearl.

Pegbox terminated with a carved woman head.

NB: This instrument was played by Mr. Jean-Baptiste Mallet, in the place “Les Hommades” near Thiers, Puy-de-Dôme.



         Mr. Jean-Baptiste MALLET

Provenance: Ancienne collection Gérard Coppéré.

Bibliography: J.F. Chassaing: “La vielle et les luthiers de Jenzat”, 1987.