PARIS – 17th – 18th c.

The back of nine ebony ribs edged with ivory filets comes from a 17th century lute.

The spruce soundboard is decorated with a parchment rose.

The neck and the pegbox black varnished.

11 played strings: 3 bass and 4 choirs.

5 bass extra strings.

Length: 108,7cm.

Maxi width: 25cm.

NB: The using of old or out of fashion high level instruments was currently practised. Charles Baton of Versailles is famous for his hurdy-gurdies made from lutes and guitars of the previous century.

The style of this one, the shape of the pegbox, the rose etc… allow to attribute it to the workshop of Renaud & Chatelain who were working in Paris around 1760.


Provenance: Ex collection Renée-Luce Denis de Granddidier, Paris.