Typical model of the neapolitan making, attributed to COLOMEO from NAPLES.

The mechanism and the pipes are original.

Four stops:

– The Principal 8 ft playing.

– Octave 4 ft.

– Quintadecima 2 ft.

– Decima Nova 1-1/3 ft.

-Accessory: “Tira Ripieno” . (coupling)

The wooden pipes, made of chesnut-wood, are played with the first notes of the principal stop and the octave.

A: 440hz.

The mechanisme and the pipes are original. The furniture has been relacqued, except the doors. The wind chest restored in the 80’s.

The signatures of the different voicers are visible around the keyboard, with the dates of interventions.

The analysis and the restoration “a minima” were put into the hands of Barthélémy Formentelli in Verona.


Length: 104cm.

Width: 68,5cm.

Height: 239cm.


Provenance: Raymond Touyère collection, Geneva.

This organ was played in the St. François de Sales Church in Geneva.