François SUDRE; Carcassonne 1844 – Chateau-Thierry  c.1912.

Stamped on the bell: “(horn with the initials FS) / 83 médailles et brevets / HALARI /
Diplome d  Honneur / F. SUDRE / Seul fournisseur de la Marine / Facteur du Conservatoir /
et de l armée / 5 boulevard Rochechoir / à Paris”.
Additional stamp on the first valve: “3389 / ajusteur breveté Daniel (in an oval) / horn with initials FS.
“Syst. Compensateur” and the tune inscribed on nickel plates soldered on the crooks.
3 Perinet valves.
“Systeme Compensateur”, following the inventions of Jean-Baptiste ARBAN (1825 – 1889)
and the work of E. DANIEL in Marseille, at whose house F. SUDRE was apprentice.
See “the New Langwill Index”, pp. 10, 80 & 391.