CORNET by Adolphe SAX. PARIS. 1867.

Stamped and engraved on the bell: “(monogram A/S/Paris) / Seul / Grand Prix / 1867/
N° 31837 / Adolphe SAX Facteur Breveté / de la Maison Militaire de l Empereur. /
50, rue St. Georges à PARIS”.
Additional stamp: “MM / n°1”, in an oval cartouche. (meaning: Military Music of Paris.)
§ Malou Haine & Ignace de Keyser: “Catalogue des Instruments Sax au Musée Instrumental de Bruxelles” p. 229.
Edition Musée Instrumental, Bruxelles, 1980.
Three Perinet valves; each equiped with an additional tubing according to the Sax brevet n°39371, of January 1859.
On this cornet the tubing is independent of the valve and not soldered to the casing, as it is with the other Sax instruments of this type.
The only one example actually known;